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Jean Robocker
1655 Montford Rd, Kalispell MT 59901
(406) 756-6344

Member ADBS, APA, ABA, Hollandse Krielenfokkers Club,
Dutch Bantam Club (Britain)

Attractive, Interesting, Small Coops and Poultry Houses. 

This is a collection of small coops and poultry houses, some that can be built and some that can be purchased. No reason that a coop cannot be attractive as well as functional, be easy to service and comfortable and safe for its occupants. Thanks to those who granted permission to use illustrations of their coops. No blueprints are provided. Imagination and creativity are the basics, as well as use of materials that may be at hand or obtainable by "looking around"!

Houses based on The Penthouse. Designed and manufactured by:

The Domestic Fowl Trust
Honeybourne Pastures
Evesham, Worcs. WR11 5QJ
Tel: (0386) 833083

(yes, that's Jean!)

Inside view of 1 house.

Penthouses closed for winter!

From Forsham Cottage Arks, The Orpington Poultry House.



Forsham Cottage Arks - USA

Email: Frances Lea

Backyard coop in MD for a pair of Dutch, coop area is wrapped in wire.

One of Dusty's houses and runs, in AR (she built it.)

Article in the January 20, 2002 issue of The Seattle Times Magazine.


Full story with lots more photos at:

Article Link

This book of plans is available from:

Murray McMurray Hatchery

This picture is from an article titled "A Chicken Coop for City Gardens"

published at

Urban Agriculture Notes

by City Farmer

Article Link

Backyard coop in Germany.

These are coops of Marsha Peterson, who is working with Blue Silver Dutch along with some other dear poultry pets (her Akbash dogs) and you can see some at: http://community.webshots.com/user/akbash

Only for zones 7-9.

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